Create and learn Music production course

Learn the skills and techniques used by real music industry professionals.
100% practical hands on, one on one learning.
The fastest and most effective way to learn.
Personalized learning at your own pace.
Produce a track from initial idea through to end product.

You will be working with a professional music producer who has a solid track record and has worked with numerous well known artists at various studios in the UK and USA.

This course will cover:

- song conception
- drum programming
- melody construction
- basslines
- choice and manipulation of sounds
- arrangement and structure
- effects and processing
- mixing
- mastering

Course cost:
2 Days £398
3 Days £595

Instrument Tuition:

Piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums.

Our tutors are professional working full time musicians with experience working for major labels and performing to large audiences. We provide the best possible learning environment and tutors who know what it takes to build a successful career in the music industry

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