Video Production

Video Production

If you're in a function band or an original band and you want to get more bookings, everyone knows you need good promo.
Good promo used to mean demos, biog, photos, testimonials.
But these days that is not enough!
Potential clients want to see what you look like performing so you need a good quality promo video to stand out from the competition.

We offer full HD professional video production services at very affordable rates.

We are different from other video production houses because:

We are part owners of a booking agency specialising in function bands so we know what clients look for from our own direct experience, we know what works.
We have a fully equipped recording studio so we can record and mix the audio as well as produce the video.
Our process is very quick and easy and our rates are unbeatable!

Checkout our showreel for some examples of our work here.

Promo Video Rates:

Video and Audio Deal:
Full HD quality up to 5 minutes.
Medley of up to 5 songs to showcase your band.
- 10 hours studio time
- 7 hours recording
- 3 hour video shoot
- Audio mixing and mastering
- Video editing and post production

For all video enquiries please email

* Rates are based on up to 5 piece band. Please add £30 per additional band member.
Additional studio time for audio recording available at £200/per day.
Additional shoots and location shooting is also available if required please ask for details.