Can I hire session musicians?

Yes. Our producers and engineers play lots of instruments and this, coupled with the network of musicians we have at our disposal means there isn’t a sound that we can’t create. Session musicians can range from £30 – £60 p/h.

What happens if the equipment breaks?

If you damage / break our equipment whilst hiring it, it is your responsibility to get it fixed. We can fix it for you, but you will be sent the repair bill and a £50 admin charge.

Do I need to leave deposits and ID’s for equipment hire?

Yup! We are sure you will bring it back damage free, but just in case we need deposits and ID’s.

How long can I hire equipment for?

As long as you like! We have daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Is there equipment in the lock ups?

We hire the lock ups as plain rooms and as fully equipped rooms for an extra price. If you need a PA system or anything else such as guitar or bass amps, we will renegotiate the monthly rental fee based on this. Call our team on 0121 551 7001 to discuss.

Are your lock ups 24 hour?

All of our lock ups have 24 hour access. You get your own set of keys to your corridor / part of the building when you sign up.

Do we record videos live?

We can record live, but the costs for this are often double / triple that of a normal recording, as we will need to hire in extra cameras to cover all the angles and get more staff in to manage the cameras. For a normal video we record all the instruments / vocals live, then the group will mime to the audio 6/7 times to get all the footage to create a great promo video. Please call our team on 0121 551 7001 if you wish to record a full live show / live promo video.

What is ‘our own pre-recorded audio’?

The Oxygen Rooms hired 5 of the finest local session musicians to record the best 30 seconds of over 70 top pop/rock tracks that we often find bands using in videos. All you need to do is select the songs you wish to perform, come in and record the vocals for them and you have the audio for your video. This saves you time and money!

Can I record a video at a venue of my own choice?

Yes you can. The basic charge for a video like this is £200 + travel to/from the venue.

Can I leave with the song radio ready?

In theory yes, but it takes a lot of time to mix and master music, so you won’t get it done in just a one hour session!

Can we do a full band recording?

Yes. The Oxygen Rooms has two live rooms and a vocal booth allowing the whole band to be able to record all at once.

I just need to lay down some vocals / raps, can I bring my backing track?

Yes. Whether you have a backing track on your computer, phone or even if it’s on youtube, we can get it into our session so you can lay down your vocals / raps to it and leave with your very own version.

Can I show you examples and you make a song to sound like it?

Quite simply – yes we can. We’ve got a number of engineers with a broad range of experience across multiple genres, so if there’s a track out there you like, we can create something similar for you!

Can you guys make brand new beats/songs?

Yes – our engineers and producers are experts in beat making, production and song writing. If you just have some words / lyrics / raps, let us put some music to it for you and create your very own songs.

How do I Pay?

All payments are taken via direct debit. It’s very simple – we send you a link, you put your bank details in and that’s that. We will take payment from your bank the first of every month until you give us your notice.

Is it a long term contract?

No – you simply give 30 days notice and then your direct debit, membership contract, membership fob and allocation on the group calendar will be cancelled and you are free to rehearse at an alternative studio.

What happens if bands are already booked in to a slot I want?

The membership scheme is capped to allow everyone to be able to rehearse their full 20 hour a month quota. There may be the odd time that your preferred rehearsal time is not available, but there will be plenty of other time slots free. If it continues to happen you’re obviously welcome to cancel your membership. We will also have a WhatsApp group with all the bands for a certain room in it, so if you need to swap sessions etc. you’ll be able to discuss it on there.

Is the membership available 24 hours a day?

You can rehearse 12:00 midday to 12:00 midnight, 7 days a week. Just check the membership shared calendar for availability. Any rehearsals out of hours will result in your membership being cancelled.

Is there parking?

Right outside the studio on Barr Street, one side of the road is free parking (side where the studio is situated) and there is a car park next door which charges 50p an hour.

What drum equipment do I need to bring?

We have a full drum kit with a snare, kick pedal and drum stools, so unless you want to use your own just feel free to use ours. You will need to bring your cymbals though…

How do we book our rehearsals?

You log into the shared calendar on ical / google calendar / outlook calendar and simply book in the time / date you want. You will be notified when anyone else books in and can regularly check availability. Or alternatively just message / WhatsApp our studio manager Joe and he will book you in,

What equipment do we need to bring?

All of our rooms are fully equipped with a multitude of amps, drum kits, PA equipment and microphones. You just need to bring your cymbals and instruments. The rooms are even full set up, so you just plug in and play!

Do the rooms have wifi?

All the rooms have FREE WIFI. Pretty hand huh? Especially if you forgot the lyrics or need to check out a tab! Why not even live stream from the rehearsal to keep your fans updated.

What refreshments are there?

We have a range of snacks, soft drinks and beers. So if you’re thirsty, hungry or need a beer / JD and coke to celebrate a great rehearsal then just get it at the studio.